World AIDS Day

In June 1981, the first cases of AIDS were reported. 40 years later we are unfortunately still battling against the HIV virus.

It has been a long fight….

AID Atlanta was one of the first responders to this epidemic in 1982. 2022 will mark our 40th year in this fight against HIV/AIDS. Our services, care, and advocacy are still needed.

We will continue to fight…..

The number 40 is significant for many reasons. But one that I read recently that I especially wanted to highlight is that 40 years is the time it takes for a New generation to arise. With a new generation comes new ideas, fresh perspectives, new life.

It will take a new fight…….

Nicole Roebuck Executive Director

So on this day World AIDS Day, I ask us all to never forget those we have lost to HIV/AIDS. I ask that we remember that every member/patient who are still with us, deserves hope and deserves our best.

The fight is not over…..

This year’s theme for World AIDS Day is “End Inequalities, End AIDS”

As we enter our 40th year of service, I challenge you all to chart a course in your own individual roles that will help us in our quest to truly End HIV in this lifetime.

We need you in this fight……

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