Women’s History Month Spotlight

Happy International Women’s Day! This is a very special day to celebrate the political, economic and social achievements of women around the world! 🌎

Today, we want to use our 🌺Women’s History Month spotlight to brag about our very own AIDAtlanta Executive Director Nicole Roebuck, MSW.

Nicole has been at the helm of AIDAtlanta as Executive Director since 2015, but she didn’t start there. Before accepting the top leadership position, Nicole worked her way up the organization from Quality Improvement to Billing and Compliance, then was offered the Director of Client Services position. She knows AIDAtlanta down to its bones and knows the impact that the organization has had over it’s 40 year history in saving and transforming lives.

A true social worker at heart, it’s evident that Nicole’s approach to service and leadership is all about the people, “You have to see people and see their hearts. Can we extend grace to folk and try to see people from where they’ve come from, and from all that they have had to deal with to even show up at a place called AID Atlanta?”

We are so proud to be led by such a dedicated, passionate, and inspiring woman who is making HERstory every day! 💗

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