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The Dance Department of Spelman College and AID Atlanta, along with their Sister's With A Voice program, have come together in a remarkable collaboration that exemplifies the power of combining arts and advocacy for Black Women in the fight against HIV. This partnership is a beacon of innovation and community engagement, aiming to leverage the universal language of dance to raise awareness, educate, and mobilize support for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Spelman College, renowned for its commitment to the empowerment of women of African descent, brings to this collaboration a rich history of artistic excellence and social justice education.

AID Atlanta, as a leading nonprofit dedicated to providing comprehensive services to those affected by HIV/AIDS, adds a deep reservoir of knowledge and community connections to the partnership. Together, they create a dynamic synergy, producing performances and educational programs that not only captivate audiences but also convey powerful messages of hope, resilience, and solidarity for Black Women. 

This union is a testament to how interdisciplinary collaborations can bridge gaps between different sectors of society, fostering a more informed and compassionate world. Thank you to Professor CiCi Kelley and the Spelman Dance Majors/Minors within her Dance For Camera course for collaborating with our members and staff to curate their impactful promotional films! More info can be found @spelman_dt #danceatspelman 

Now, it's time for you to get involved and vote for your favorite commercial. Which commercial resonates with you the most? The winning commercial will be the premiere commercial of AID Atlanta in efforts to stand with Black Women in this fight. 



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