The looped red ribbon is a symbol of solidarity and hope for people living with HIV/AIDS and signifies a sustained commitment to end the epidemic.

The LOOP is the major donor program of AID Atlanta. The LOOP was created by a devoted group of philanthropists and activists to generate increased individual awareness of AID Atlanta, its programs and services. Through the generous support of these individuals and those that have joined The LOOP thereafter, AID Atlanta has been able to continue to deliver accurate, comprehensive and life-affirming information to metro Atlanta residents.

The LOOP recognizes the generosity of individual donors. Membership in The LOOP is extended to those who contribute at least $1,200 annually in unrestricted, non-event-related gifts to AID Atlanta. It is a circle of our closest friends and most important supporters. We hope you will consider joining us in The LOOP. Your gift of $1,200 or more (or $100 monthly) qualifies you for membership in The LOOP. You will enjoy invitations to members-only receptions and events to celebrate significant AID Atlanta milestones and successes.

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