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Education Programs

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The Evolution Project features a drop-in community center for young black gay men and transgendered individuals between 18 and 28 years of age. This is a safe space that helps young black gay men and transgender individuals to connect, develop strengths and skills, support each other, have fun and achieve positive goals. The program staff assists these young men to enhance their HIV and STD risk reduction skills by utilizing the will, talent and vision of the members themselves.

The Evolution Project is distinguished by the active leadership and involvement of the members. Members play an intricate role in planning activities, special events, and design of the space. Examples include movie nights, discussions, cookouts, card games, parties, balls, community forums and more. The Evolution Project provides access to HIV testing and STD screening at on and off-site locations. Members are provided risk counseling and linkage to free medical screenings, case management, HIV/STD treatment and other health care services. Additionally, the Evolution Project offers mental health services such as individual, and group counseling. For more information about the Evolution Project, volunteering and/or program activities, visit the website at evolutionatl.org or contact Dwain Bridges at (404) 524-5441.

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Deeper Love Project

AID Atlanta’s African American Gay Outreach program “The Deeper Love Project” focuses on the needs, fears, triumphs, adversities, and accolades of metro-Atlanta-based African American Men who have Sex with Men who are infected and affected by HIV/STD’s. Whether you identify with being bisexual, homosexual, in the closet, or new to the lifestyle, our trained staff members, many of whom are a part of the community they serve, produce culturally appropriate programs effective in reaching the African American Gay community.
The Deeper Love Project utilizes many ways in bringing the African American Gay Community together and provides HIV/STD education for the community.

Discussion Groups
These are typically held the last Sunday of every month and we touch on topics that affect us as men of color who have sex with men! Examples include relationships, sexual dynamics, dating, age difference, homophobia, HIV/STD’s, being in the closet or being out, trends in our culture, how we treat one another, and many other topics.

Social Events
We have various events in order to help bring our community together in a positive way and help men meet new people who share the same interests. This includes bowling days, cabin retreats, luncheons, sporting competitions such as baseball, kickball, and more.

Education/Volunteerism/Bar/Club/Street Outreach
We provide prevention information and materials and safer sex kits at Atlanta’s hot spots.
Deeper Love Staff provide free access to HIV testing and counseling. HIV education workshops and seminars are held onsite and offsite in many venues including classrooms, churches, book clubs, or on-the-job presentations. You can also volunteer and be on your journey to become an advocate for the African American Gay community.

For more information regarding programs and/or volunteer opportunities, please contact Clinton Jolliffi-Program Coordinator at (404) 870-7765, or email him at clinton.jolliffi@aidatlanta.org.

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Sista Sol

SISTA SOL provides educational programs, outreach activities, social support, and appearances at special events designed to reduce behaviors that place African American Women for HIV and other STDs. The goals of SISTA SOL are to minimize new infections among women, and reinforce healthy behaviors, increase the number of women that are knowledgeable for prevention services and increase the number of women accessing HIV testing and counseling services. 

Programs include:

  • SOL 2 SOL: Getting tested for HIV can be scary for many people. SOL 2 SOL promotes and offers FREE HIV Testing and Counseling to African American women, encouraging them to bring a “SISTA” along to get tested - “Each One, REACH ONE”.
  • Sol Series: Empowerment series held in collaboration with community partners, promoting a holistic concept of women’s health.
  • SISTA Circle: Fun and interactive groups designed to create dialogue between members around the following topics: self-esteem, cultural and gender-related barriers to risk reduction, communication with partners, condom use and negotiation, and much more. Complete SISTA CIRCLE is comprised of four two-hour group sessions aimed at reducing HIV Sexual Risk Behavior.

For more information regarding programs and/or volunteer opportunities please contact Teressa Hale-Program Coordinator at (404) 870-7745 or email at teressa.hale@aidatlanta.org

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GO Atlanta

AID Atlanta's Gay Outreach Program consists of educational programming, community outreach, testing and counseling, and social support efforts that are aimed at Metro Atlanta’s LGBTQ-munities. Volunteers and staff promote prevention programs, recruit program participants, and encourage prevention as part of their activities to reduce behaviors that place Gay and Bisexual men at risk for HIV and other STDs. 

The centerpiece of GO Atlanta is our web outreach, www.getupandgoatlanta.com.  Here, men can access all kinds of resources!  Check out our blog for the latest articles on men’s sexual health and issues facing the LGBTQ-munities.  Find information on our monthly activities and events, and information on how to get tested for HIV.

GO Atlanta’s initiatives consist of our One Night Stands, Happy Hours and our NeighBARhood Watch. 


One night a month – NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Is that you’re idea of the perfect relationship? If so, then this is the event for you! Each month we gather men to discuss the issues we’re all facing. Topics include dating and relationships, improving our sex lives, finding friends, and other issues that challenge our community! ONE NIGHT STANDS are usually held at the Phillip Rush Center, and the discussion starts at 7 p.m.! REAL MEN. REAL TALK. REAL INTERESTING.

The NeighBARhood Watch

Our NeighBARhood Watch is based on friends looking out for friends. Bars, Clubs and other LGBTQ Friendly Businesses participate in the NeighBARhood Watch initiative and play host to GO Atlanta’s Many Events. Be sure to look for our Safer Sex Kit Dispensers at one of our local NeighBARhood Watch Businesses and feel free to pick one up!

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AIDS 101

The AIDS 101 Awareness and Action Seminar is presented seven times a year throughout the community and addresses a wide range of subjects and concerns related to HIV/AIDS. Presentations at each program may vary, but each seminar offers broad-based insight on the HIV crisis. The program format consists of lectures, special interest sessions, and panel discussions.

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Speakers Bureau

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Client Education

AID Atlanta, Inc. provides continual education to clients of the agency to assist them in staying up-to-date with information about HIV and the various forms of treatment, local resources available, or other topics important for a person living with HIV. Via e-mail newsletters and updates, classes, or referrals to other agencies, AID Atlanta believes that continuing education is key to the successful management of HIV infection and prevention.

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Five session wellness management workshop for clients of AID Atlanta to learn about issues such as financial planning and budgeting, nutrition management, treatment and alternative therapies, exercise and fitness, legal issues, resources, and stress and mental health management.

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LaHop (Hispanic Outreach)

AID Atlanta's Hispanic Outreach Program provides HIV/AIDS/STD education and prevention to different segments of the Hispanic population living in the metropolitan Atlanta area through one-on-one, door-to-door interventions, and group presentations at school, religious, social and community settings and via telephone conferences.

The Hispanic Outreach Program trains outreach workers and Spanish speaking volunteers, distributes and mails Spanish AIDS educational materials, offers pre- and post-HIV test counseling, advocates for Hispanics living with HIV/AIDS, and connects HIV+ Hispanics and their families with information, medical care, treatment, social services and public benefits. Contact Maria Rivas for more information at (404) 870-7767 or maria.rivas@aidatlanta.org

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AID Atlanta’s Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS) program R.E.D.I. (Reinforcing Education and Developing Independence) is a client centered HIV prevention activity with the fundamental goal of promoting the adoption and maintenance of HIV risk-reduction behaviors by clients with multiple, complex problems and risk reduction needs. Prevention Specialists provide client-centered, multiple session HIV risk reduction counseling to help individuals initiate and maintain behavior change to prevent the transmission of HIV while addressing competing needs which may make HIV prevention a lower priority. This HIV prevention activity addresses the relationship between HIV/STD risk and other issues such as substance abuse, mental health, social and cultural factors, and physical health.

For more information regarding the R.E.D.I. Program, please contact one of our Prevention Specialists at (404) 870-7761or (404) 870-7752

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ASK US Teens

ASK US Youth Outreach Program has 3 components to engage young people and youth friendly organizations:
ASK US Education
This unique program helps youth to understand the impact of HIV/AIDS from a personal point of view. The primary purpose of the program is to change the teenagers' attitude of being invincible to this disease and in addition teaching them basic information about HIV/AIDS. Overall, the program is abstinence based and targeted toward middle and high school youth throughout the state of Georgia.

ASK US Community
This component of the program provides assistance to partnering youth agencies and community organizations. Technical assistance ranges from implementation of Effective Behavioral Interventions, testing initiatives, and recruitment/training of youth and volunteers.
ASK US Leadership
ASK US leadership is a council of young leaders, ages 13-24 dedicated to awareness, education,   and advocacy. ASK US Leadership (Middle and High School aged youth) participate in AIDS101, quarterly meetings, and community geared projects.

Please contact Cicely Richard for additional information via email cicely.richard@aidatlanta.org or (404) 870-7768.

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships is a fun and interactive workshop for HIV Positive People.  We use well known movie clips to help participants learn new decision and problem-solving skills in a small group setting.  Healthy Relationships is open to any person living positively who is 18 years or older and is led by a skilled facilitator who can relate to the experiences and challenges of the attendees. Not only will there be entertaining movie clips and lively activities, there will also be giveaways, prizes, and food.

For more information, please contact Tommie Jackson at 404.870.7810 or by email at Tommie.jackson@aidatlanta.org

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