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Education Programs

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AIDS 101

The AIDS 101 Awareness and Action Seminar is presented seven times a year throughout the community and addresses a wide range of subjects and concerns related to HIV/AIDS. Presentations at each program may vary, but each seminar offers broad-based insight on the HIV crisis. The program format consists of lectures, special interest sessions, and panel discussions.

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Speakers Bureau

Trained volunteers present to schools and other community groups on a variety of topics from personal experience to advanced medical overview. Contact Loreen  Krug 404-870-7764

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Client Education

AID Atlanta, Inc. provides continual education to clients of the agency to assist them in staying up-to-date with information about HIV and the various forms of treatment, local resources available, or other topics important for a person living with HIV. Via e-mail newsletters and updates, classes, or referrals to other agencies, AID Atlanta believes that continuing education is key to the successful management of HIV infection and prevention.

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Five session wellness management workshop for clients of AID Atlanta to learn about issues such as financial planning and budgeting, nutrition management, treatment and alternative therapies, exercise and fitness, legal issues, resources, and stress and mental health management.

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AID Atlanta’s Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS) program R.E.D.I. (Reinforcing Education and Developing Independence) is a client-centered HIV prevention activity with the fundamental goal of promoting the adoption and maintenance of HIV risk-reduction behaviors by clients with multiple, complex problems and risk reduction needs. Prevention Specialists provide client-centered, multiple session HIV risk reduction counseling to help individuals initiate and maintain behavior change to prevent the transmission of HIV while addressing competing needs which may make HIV prevention a lower priority. This HIV prevention activity addresses the relationship between HIV/STD risk and other issues such as substance abuse, mental health, social and cultural factors, and physical health.

For more information regarding the R.E.D.I. Program, please contact one of our Prevention Specialists at (404) 870-7761.

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships is a fun and interactive workshop for HIV Positive People.  We use well known movie clips to help participants learn new decision and problem-solving skills in a small group setting.  Healthy Relationships is open to any person living positively who is 18 years or older and is led by a skilled facilitator who can relate to the experiences and challenges of the attendees. Not only will there be entertaining movie clips and lively activities, there will also be giveaways, prizes, and food.

For more information, please contact Tommie Jackson at 404.870.7810 or by email at Tommie.jackson@aidatlanta.org

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