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Case Management

AID Atlanta is the largest provider of HIV Case Management services in the Atlanta area. We have almost 40 knowledgeable and helpful case managers with years of experience in the field of HIV/AIDS. We have case managers that are located at our main offices as well as at several primary medical care sites and other community based organizations and HIV clinics.

In order to become a case managed client of AID Atlanta, an individual must be deemed eligible for services. An individual may walk in or call the main office at (404) 870-7700 to speak with an on-call case manager to get the process started. At the time of initial contact with all clients the following documents are required to qualify for services:

  • Proof of HIV status
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • Photo identification

Once eligibility is verified, a brief screening will be completed to assess the client's needs for services. Once the screening determines a need for case management services, the case manager will give the client an overview of the case management program, requirements, available services, and determine the client's desire to enroll into the case management program.

An intake will then be conducted and an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) will be developed together with the client to determine the best plan to address his/her needs and accomplish the client's goals. Clients will be linked and referred to the appropriate services, those internal and external to AID Atlanta based on the needs of the client.

The case manager will maintain regular contact with each client on a monthly basis to work together on goals. Together with the client, the case manager will re-assess the ISP, make modifications, indicate progress and determine further services needed. AID Atlanta's primary goal of case management is to ensure that all clients are appropriately linked and are accessing medical care for their HIV on a regular basis.

We work together with clients to help them to remove those barriers that prevent them from getting into medical care or that prevent their access to care. Once enrolled, all clients are required to verify their participation in primary care at least every 6 months, to continue eligibility for services.

If you are HIV+ (or you know someone who is HIV +) and need some support, guidance and assistance, please call us. AID Atlanta has a caring team ready to assist you as best as we can. We want to be a viable partner with you in your healthcare treatment and help you to live successfully with this chronic disease, as well as help you to improve your quality of life.


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