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We work to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life for our community.

Case Management We employ over 40 knowledgeable case managers who are experienced in the field of HIV/AIDS.

As the largest Medical Case Management provider in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, we have case managers that are located at our main offices as well as at several primary medical care sites and other community based organizations and HIV clinics. View FAQs

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The case management process:

  1. Documents: Provide us documented proof of HIV status, residency and income
  2. Screening: A brief screening is completed to assess needs for services.
  3. Enrollment: An overview of case management is provided, along with the opportunity to enroll.
  4. Intake: An intake is conducted and an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is developed to address needs and accomplish the prioritized goals.
  5. Referrals: Clients are linked and referred to the appropriate services based on the needs of the client.  We focus on ensuring that clients have access to medical care and are continuing their medical care treatment, but we know that there may be other issues present that may be hindering access so we help to try alleviate those issues that may be a barrier to clients’ access to care and treatment.
  6. Verify Participation: Once enrolled, clients must verify their participation in primary care at least every 6 months, and income and residency are also reassessed for ongoing eligibility.

Note: If you don’t have the documents listed above, we can still begin the screening process. Just be aware that not having your proof of residency and income can slow down some of the processes for connecting you to other programs and services. 

The case manager and client maintain regular (monthly) contact to work on the goals identified. In partnership with the client, the case manager revisits the ISP, makes changes as needed, notes progress, and determines further services needed. The primary goal of case management is to ensure that all clients are linked and participating in medical care for their HIV on a regular basis.

We work with clients to remove barriers that prevent access to medical care!

We help patients navigate the health care system

AID Atlanta is an official enrollment site for the State of Georgia’s Department of Public Health (DPH) AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and the Health Insurance Continuation Program (HICP). Eligible clients are assisted with applying and re-certifying for these programs.

Though AID Atlanta Staff will assist with the application and re-certification application process, DPH makes all final approvals on every application and the funds are directly administered through the state program. All case management and Medication Insurance Assistance Specialist staff are also trained to help eligible clients apply for medication assistance programs offered through various pharmaceutical companies.

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We help you to stay informed

AID Atlanta provides continual education to clients of the agency to assist them in staying up-to-date with information about HIV and the various forms of treatment, local resources available, or other topics important for a person living with HIV. Via e-mail newsletters and updates, classes, or referrals to other agencies, AID Atlanta believes that continuing education is key to the successful management of HIV infection and prevention.

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For clients who are current in their medical care and not in need of case management, we offer the Self-Management Program.

  • Members of this program are adherent to their medical care.
  • They are also relatively stable, independent, and able to advocate for themselves but may occasionally need assistance navigating systems and programs.
  • Members have access to bi-weekly educational programs and are able to contact the program coordinator for questions, referrals, and information on social services.
  • To receive services, a person may walk in or call the main office at (404) 870-7700 to speak with an on-call case manager.
  • Once eligibility is verified, a brief screening will be completed to assess the individual’s service needs. The screening is designed to determine whether case management services are needed, or if they are more suited for the Self- Management Program.
  • If the client screens as ‘self-managed’, the case manager will review enrollment documents and provide an overview of the program.
  • If the client is interested in participating, they are then referred to the Self-Management Coordinator.
  • AID Atlanta’s primary goal for both self and case managed participants is to ensure that they are appropriately linked to a medical provider and that they are accessing medical care for their HIV on a regular basis.
  • We work together with clients to remove barriers that prevent them from getting into medical care or that prevent their access to medications.
  • Regular educational programs provided for members in the Self-Management Program are intended to encourage continued medical adherence and to provide information about different issues, programs, and services that are often important to members.
  • Once enrolled, members are able to continue participating in the Self-Management Program for as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements and provide documentation verifying their eligibility.
  • Additionally, members must provide verification of their participation in primary care every 6 months.

If individual situations change and they require additional assistance, the Self-Management Coordinator is available to connect him/her to case management services.