AID Atlanta Receives Proclamation from City of Atlanta  In Honor of 40 Years of Service

Thank you Councilman Alex Wan, Council President Doug Shipman, and the Atlanta City Council for honoring us on Monday, August 1, with a proclamation celebrating our 40 years of service! It’s nice to know that we have made an impact in our community and we humbly accept this distinguished honor on behalf of our clients, supporters, staff, and all those we have lost in this battle against HIV/AIDS. We hope that one day, we will no longer be needed. Until then, we will continue to offer our life-saving services and programs to our community.

Remarks from our Executive Director Nicole Roebuck

Good afternoon to the honorable President Doug Shipman, honorable council member Alex Wan, honorable Councilmembers, and special guests.

For the last forty years, AID Atlanta has had a very important and impactful partnership with the City of Atlanta Government, including the Mayor’s Office, and the Atlanta City Council. We have counted on you, depended on you and on occasion, demanded of you to stand together with us in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We thank you for the continued opportunity to be in partnership together on behalf of the over 40 thousand citizens living with HIV/AIDS in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Too many people are depending on us to get this right. And I know together in partnership, we will!

In 1982, a small group of concerned friends decided to respond to the devastating impact that HIV/AIDS was having in their community by forming what we now know to be AID Atlanta. AID Atlanta has been built on a foundation of a basic premise, “we are our brothers/sisters keepers”, and to that end, we will care for, support, and advocate for their well-being at all costs. 40 years later, with a sound mission, and a conglomerate of “made-up minds”, we have forged through the evolution of this disease saving and transforming thousands of lives along the way, and for that we are/I am proud to stand here today. We don’t do this work for your generous and gracious recognition, although it is very much appreciated.  We do this work to remember those we have lost, and to ensure that we lose no one else to this disease by working to prevent new HIV infections and provide the best care possible for our beloved community in a way that helps them to thrive and live an improved quality of life.

I have the distinct honor of standing here, with leaders of the city to accept this honor, but today is truly a recognition of the best, most brilliant, caring and professional staff that have worked to make AID Atlanta the organization that it is for 40 years and counting.  Some of whom are here with us today. You do the hard work, paid for by your blood, sweat, and tears.  Today is about recognizing you, all of you, singularly and collectively.  (Will our AID Atlanta staff, and family please stand up and be recognized?). I also want to recognize and thank the AIDS Healthcare Foundation for their unending support of us as an Affiliate. Our partnership with AHF has allowed us to continue to achieve our mission and maintain our legacy. (Recognize any AHF staff present).

We truly hope not to be here again in 40 years accepting another award or recognition, because hopefully by then, we will not only have a preventive vaccine for HIV that as you may know is on the horizon, but hopefully we will have a CURE for HIV in our lifetime. It is with that hope that AID Atlanta will continue to fulfill our mission. I humbly accept this proclamation on behalf of the clients we serve and the staff who have made it happen every day for the last forty years.  We are AID Atlanta!

On behalf of AID Atlanta, I say again Thank you Councilmember Alex Wan! Thank you, President Doug Shipman! And thank you to the entire Atlanta City Council membership for this wonderful honor!