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2011 Debutantes




Lotta Pusse' (Tim Hobby)

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Lotta is the only daughter of Monsieur et Madame Pierre Pusse' (nee Lola Ann Bouvier). Her mother, Lola Ann, was born in Paris, France and was said to be quite a beauty! Lola's parents, seeing her stunning beauty at a young age, quickly immersed her in the Parisian social and fashion scene. One day while in a patisserie, Lola was quickly spotted by famed Gabrielle Chanel. Gabrielle, also known as Coco, hired her on the spot as one of the models for the Chanel spring and fall fashion shows. Soon after modeling, Lola discovered her love for sewing and became head seamstress for the house of Chanel, all the while dreaming of forming her own fashion house one day in the United States.

One day, as a gift, Coco gave Lola tickets to the new French circus. It was there where she fell in love with the amazing physique of trapeze artist, Pierre Pusse', the obvious star of the show. Lola used her charm and beauty to gain access to the Pierre’s dressing room and when they met, it was love at first sight! Their first date was magical as they shared their mutual dreams of building a life in America. They plotted their journey together that very night after their first kiss.

While working hard for other people, both saved their centimes and soon booked two tickets on the Queen Mary, which set sail for the land of the free and home of the brave. Their journey across the Atlantic was enchanting and, while the ship rocked on the waves of the sea, Lola and Pierre conceived their child on one, star-filled night (out of wedlock!).

Once in America, Pierre worked hard to cast the stars of his own circus and introduced the concept of a French "cirque" to America. It was an instant success and "Cirque du Pusse''" was born. While the success of Pierre's circus continued and even though Lola was pregnant, she launched her fashion line and called it Puicy Couture. Wearing a Puicy Couture evening gown and several months pregnant, Lola finally married Pierre'.

Exactly 9 months from the time Lola and Pierre arrived in America, their child was born. Upon gazing at the little infant and her bodacious features, Lola proclaimed that we must name her "Lotta"! Due to the overwhelming success of Cirque du Pusse' and Puicy Couture, Little Lotta Pusse' was able to attend the best charm schools in America. Much pressure was put on little Lotta to excel in all areas of academics and the performing arts. The costs of tuition soon began to burden the family until the fortunate day when Pierre's and Lola's businesses were both purchased. Pierre's circus, purchased by the Soleil family and later named Cirque du Soleil, became the most successful touring circus in history. Lola's fashion line, Puicy Couture, was purchased by a new owner Julie Jones, who immediately bastardized the company name by changing it to Juicy Couture. To add insult to injury, Ms. Jones began designing sweat suits! However, this new found wealth gave the family freedom to move south and create a new life in Atlanta, Georgia where columned mansions and tree-lined driveways abound.

By her mid twenties, Lotta Pusse' had attended the Wharton School of Business, Parsons School of Design, The Julliard School and Hobby's House of High Hair. Again, much pressure was put on her for tremendous success, but her true love for entertaining and performing won her over. Once she took up residence in historic Grant Park, Lotta became infamous for her elaborate Halloween parties, where she would convert vacant mansions into haunted houses for one night of debauchery. Talent scouts for the famous Hotlanta River Expo spotted her at one of these parties and cast her as the lead entertainer for their next annual event. That event resulted in Hotlanta's biggest year ever, as Lotta performed for over 6000 people in the Colony Square ballroom, bringing the guests to their knees as they screamed for more. Lotta continued to perform in Montreal, Miami and New York, until one day she had an epiphany to put performing aside and honor her other passion for designing clothes. With the influence of her mother and her training at Parson's, Lotta began designing clothes out of her new home in Midtown, using the hand sewn techniques of the old French fashion houses. In honor of her mother, she decided to name her fashion business "Puicy House". However, when local Atlanta police raided her workshops expecting to find prostitutes and money laundering, Lotta decided that it was time to change the name. Her current collections are simply named "Pusse'" and are worn by everyone from locals to celebrities. Her ultimate goal is to dress Lady Gaga, Oprah and Michelle Obama, all for the same event.

Currently, Lotta Pusse' is dating recording artist, ROB, and collectively, they are busily working with various organizations such as AID Atlanta, the relief efforts in Japan, and aid and support to Senior Citizens. Since she has decided to become a debutante for the 2011 Atlanta Cotillion, no date of marriage has been set. Lotta hopes to draw from her many talents to make the 10th anniversary of the Atlanta Cotillion a most memorable and successful year.

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