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Fundraise With Facebook 


Like” the AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run Facebook page and keep up-to-date on what’s going on at the AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run Headquarters.  Be the first to know about special contests, fundraising ideas, and campaign happenings!

Did you know?

You can fundraise right from your Facebook page by downloading the application from your fundraising HQ!
Your donations will appear on your personal page.  As you receive donations, be sure to thank folks on your Facebook page as well as theirs.  Facebook is such an easy and convenient way to let all of your friends, family, coworkers and general admirers to know why this cause is important to you and providing them a link to donate often will actually encourage them to do so! 

Facebook is a great tool for individuals as well as teams!  Here’s how:

Suggestions for Individuals:

Use your status to tell your friends that you are participating in and fundraising for AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run.  Be sure to include in your status how much you are hoping to raise and why the cause is important to you.   Attach the link for your personal page so that your contacts can click on the link to donate to you.   When you receive a donation, post a thank you to the donor on your wall AND your donor’s wall.  Donors like public thanks and it also serves as a reminder for those who have yet to give.

Suggestions for Team Captains:

Have you formed a team?  Announce it on your status feed.  Does your team need members? Has your team met or exceeded their recruitment goal?  Share the news!  Has your team raised a ¼ or ½ of their fundraising goal?  Post about the progress, keep your team motivated.  Did someone on your team get a large donation?  Post their success on your page and theirs.  This type of praise will motivate your teammates and they will be encouraged to continue fundraising.


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