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2010 Debutantes



Miss Kitana O'hara Lee Liu (Som Phaengsy)

Kitana O’hara Lee Liu was born many, many years ago in a rice paddy in Vietiane, Laos.  Her mother—the former debutante and incorrigible harlot Liberty Belle O’hara—became pregnant with the girl after an ill-advised dalliance with a fallen Buddhist monk in a Theravada monastery.  Although she was definitely not the “motherly type”, Liberty Belle reluctantly carried the infant to full term at the behest of the monks in the monastery.

Shortly after the birth, however, Liberty Belle abandoned the baby and ran off with a lost contingent of Khmer Rouge soldiers!  The kindly monks took the baby in to raise her, but at a young age, Kitana grew tired of working on their poppy/opium farm and yearned to know her biological mother.  So she set off on a raft made of coconuts and sailed the South China Sea, across the Mighty Pacific, to the golden land of California.  From California, she followed the trail of picked pockets and broken hearts that Liberty Belle left in her wake—paying for her journey by taking in laundry, building railroads, and preparing sushi rolls along the way—to the small village of Riverdale, Georgia.

After attending an arranged meeting with her mother, young Kitana found that Liberty Belle wanted nothing to do her!  However, the girl’s grandmother—the former debutante and incorrigible harlot Dominique Devita Devereaux-O’hara—recognized something in her charisma, uniqueness, nerves and talent.  So Grandmamma Dominique immediately installed a pedicure chair and hair styling station in a corner of her dress shop for big and tall ladies of refinement and put Kitana to work.  From sunup to sundown, Kitana slaved for her grandmamma, making shiny buff nails and cutting, coloring, and burning hair.  Knowing that her future depended on her ability to do good hair (after all, she WAS living in the South), she enrolled at the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Drag and attended such classes as “Over-plucking 101”, “Tucking and Taping” and “A Lady in the Streets/A Man in the Sheets Workshop”. 
Soon after graduation from the drag academy, where she'd learned to smile with her eyes, but still working day and night for her evil grandmamma where she learned the true value of a dollar, Kitana finally found a man who would take care of her!  She now lives in Atlanta with her Prince Charming, whose lineage traces back to Green Beau, Alabama.

Now, Kitana finds herself cooking, cleaning, working out, laying by the pool while sipping cocktails, and throwing fabulous parties for all of her tacky friends.  And when she’s not working in the salon, Kitana spends her free time driving with the turn signal on, teaching part-time at the Academy, and analyzing complex math problems.

To take full advantage of the rest of her free time, Miss Kitana has decided to become a debutante for the Atlanta Cotillion, benefiting AID Atlanta!  She has dedicated herself to raising money for this worthwhile charity and making public appearances, first at the Silent Auction and Cabaret Show on August 15, 2010, where Miss Kitana will have to "Lip Sing for Her Life", and finally at the Atlanta Cotillion Ball IX on September 18, 2010.
Miss Kitana O’Hara Lee Liu has truly gone from rags to riches. What a Cinderella Story!


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