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2010 Debutantes



Zerena Loo-Bouffante (Sam Peng)

Unlike the usual Southern-born and bred young ladies, Miss Zerena Loo-Bouffante was born and raised on the other side of the planet in a remote village near the city of Hsingchu, Taiwan.  When she was just a young lady of fourteen, she moved to the United States knowing nary a word of English at the time.   However, because she was educated by the near-extinct, ancient daily ways of the Taiya tribe, one of the nine recognized aborigine tribes of Taiwan, she was able to take the raw human elements and polish and refine them all to become accepted by the most modern, yet traditional American standards!  Z, as she was called by her friends, was and is most grateful to her two best confidantes, Michael and Jennifer, who also are her lovely parents.

Usually, the teenage years are quite uncomfortable for most young ladies.  Z, however, came through these years with style and grace.  Her superb upbringing helped her speed through her English learning process and, upon graduation from high school, she was accepted to the University of Florida in 2000 (although in her dreams, she attended Harvard!).  Of course, with a personality already as “big as life” as Z possessed, Theatre and Asian Studies were the natural course of study for this fascinating young lady. Upon graduation, Z took her natural and learned skills and relocated to a city where the most people as possible could truly discover her as one of the fiercest personalities ever…Atlanta, Georgia!  It was here that she blossomed into the true woman she is today.

Z has become one of Atlanta’s most celebrated fundraisers and activists.  She was elected president of Asians & Friends of Atlanta, a non-profit organization that celebrates diversity and embraces cultural differences.  Her passion for tennis has assisted in her in broadening her horizons in charity work by leading the Atlanta Team Tennis Association in raising funds for AIDS organizations throughout Atlanta. She has even acted as emcee for their charity talent show for the past three years.  Currently, she is a manager of one of Metrotainment Cafes concepts restaurant and deems this relationship a blessing.   Some refer to her as a “powerful queen”; however, Z sees herself simply as a caring person who is able to seek and distribute donations from her company and once again assist those who are in need.

Many consider being an Atlanta Cotillion debutante for 2010 as quite glamorous.  Glamour aside, Z really is just a small-town girl who grew up cutting sugar cane, feeding livestock, and singing highlander songs with the ancients.  Her goal is to make other people happy and what better way to do that than to become a debutante for the prestigious Atlanta Cotillion.  Miss Zerena Loo-Bouffante awaits. 


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