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2010 Debutantes



Caterina Modica Davenport (Max Corwell)

Caterina Modica was born in a small palace on the Italian riverside in Sicily to parents Jacopo Gambino and Carolina Modica (nee Lockett).  Because he was discovered to be a mafia warlord, Jacopo was exiled from Sicily and sent to Iceland. However, the explosion of one of Iceland’s many volcanoes spewed ash and dust across Sicily and prevented him from leaving!  Carolina chose not to stay with notorious husband and move little Caterina to Atlanta, Georgia. It was never discovered why the sophisticated and glamorous Carolina would choose Atlanta, with its many mosquitoes, high pollen count, and many, many pick-up trucks, to rear her daughter.

Looking to escape the southern way of life, Caterina looked to the west and applied to UCLA. During her time at this illustrious institution, she became enchanted with the “Hollywood way of life” and spent many a carefree afternoon lunching at Spago’s and shopping on Rodeo Drive. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, Caterina took one last walk down this famous street and it was there that she met a little actor named Brad Pitt.  After a torrid affair lasting several hours, Mr. Pitt decided that couldn’t let his wife, Angelina, find out so he offered Caterina $5 million in hush money! Of course, since she was never considered “stupid” or “ungrateful”, she took the money and moved back to Georgia to attend to her mother, Carolina.

Upon returning to Atlanta, the representative of the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe came knocking at Caterina’s door to tell her that she did not come from mafia ties and that she was actually switched at birth! Out of respect for her true parents, she added their name to hers thus becoming Caterina Modica Davenport! Currently, Caterina spends most of her time working with various charities and erasing stalker voicemails from Justin Bieber.  Even after telling him that that he MUST turn 18, he just will not listen and continues to express his lust for her! 


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