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2010 Debutantes



Brandy Abigail "Nuts" Von Nutterhorne (Nathan Atkins)


Brandy Abigail "Nuts" Von Nutterhorne is the orphaned daughter of Merchant Marines Captain Jack Swallows and his notorious maid, Katherine Mansfield. Tragedy would strike Brandy’s young life when, at the age of one, her father was lost at sea while transporting Funyons to the disenfranchised of Libya. Simultaneously, while checking her car battery’s connections, Katherine Mansfield was killed when an ice cream truck backed into where her car was parked.

Left with a small dowry of money from her father's soon liquidated estate, Brandy was placed in the General Mills State Orphanage for Future Social Experimentation.   The school's location in the mud flats of Gulf Port, Mississippi proved to be inspirational during her formative years after she took the Gold Medal in Mud Pie Dexterity three years in a row.

Eight blissful, closeted years passed as the young girl learned to be a general member of society. Then, a local dowager, Umbrage Isabel Von Nutterhorne of Atlanta, Georgia (formerly of Bonn, Germany), took it upon herself to take Brandy under her wing and help the young lady fulfill her destiny of becoming a regal southern belle of high breeding. The Lady Nutterhorne and the young Brandy Abigail soon developed a strong bond, which culminated in Brandy taking her benefactor's name at age 16. 

Soon after meeting, The Lady Nutterhorne enrolled Brandy in the Fancy Southern Boarding School of Orphan Transformations in Monteagle, T.N. where she excelled at throwing off the shackles of mundane life. It was here that Brandy, or “Nuts” as her friends began to call her, became an accomplished fiddle dueler and took first place in the world-wide Fiddler's Competition located in Roof, Germany.

College was an easy transformation for Brandy. She won a scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Aristocratic Entitlements, earning a B.A. in Textile Manipulations. Not satisfied with simply a degree and her highly honed skills in fashion, clothing, and artistic arrangement, Brandy went on to earn a second degree in Home Antiquities at the esteemed School for New Moneyed Socialites in San Francisco.

The Lady Umbrage Von Nutterhorne and “Nuts” have now moved to Atlanta and are currently focusing on positioning “Nuts” into the level of high society that she has long been groomed to attain.



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