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2009 Debutantes

Catherine Alexis Grace d'Iberville (James Swindle)

Catherine Alexis Grace d’Iberville was born to Charles Walker d’Iberville, C.W. to all who knew him, and Alexis Grace d’Iberville (nee Chamionne) of Greenwood, Mississippi, on the Mississippi Delta. She is the paternal granddaughter of Colonel Walker David d’Iberville and Alicia Marie d’Iberville (nee Auberjonois) of the Baton Rouge, Toulon, France, and Saint Michel, Monaco. She is also the maternal granddaughter of Herbert Jacob Donnaley and Francis Elaine Donnally (nee O’Reilly) of South Boston, MA.

Catherine, Katie to all who know her, was born on Vie Tranquille (“Tranquil Life”), the d’Iberville estate outside of Greenwood. Vie Tranquille, of course, is a part of famous d’Iberville Holdings, a series of land ownerships by the d’Iberville family which spans Europe, Canada, and Jonesboro, Georgia. Katie was brought into the world not by a doctor but by the d’Iberville housekeeper and sometime midwife, Jasmine Beaulieu, who, it was rumored, was also a voodoo princess. “Miz Jasmine”, as she was known throughout the estate, would have a profound influence on Katie throughout her life.

Katie’s early life was filled with birthday parties, riding lessons by the d’Iberville groomsmen, and homeschooling by a series of nannies, au pairs, and private teachers. However, none of them stayed very long…many claiming to be “severely frightened by that scary woman, Miz Jasmine.” An accomplished rider, Katie won the Mississippi Delta’s Equestrian Championship 8 years in a row and attributed her success to be able to “ride anything that bucks”. That, and the fact that, during the finals every year, her competition always mysteriously fell ill or just fell. On her 14th birthday, her father decided that spending all of her time with horses and anything leather wasn’t ladylike, so he sent her to “Miss Ginella Foxworthy’s School for the Righteous…and Young Ladies” in New Orleans. There, Katie was subjected to the study of gracious living and how to be self-righteous about it. Graduating at the bottom of her class, Katie left “Miss Ginella’s” with a diploma and an attitude.

Upon returning Vie Tranquille, Katie was reunited with her family and, more importantly, Miz Jasmine. After hearing about Katie’s life at “Miss Ginella’s”, Miz Jasmine decided it was time to take Katie under her wing and teach her the real ways of the world. So for the next several years and under the guise of learning the art of managing multicultural estates, Katie learned all about chicken bones, cat’s eyes, casting spells, and the perfect way to fashion a voodoo doll from hair and cotton fabric.

Today, Katie and Miz Jasmine are still together, spending time between their apartment above their voodoo shop, “Chienne Angoissante” (Scary Bitch), in the Quarter and their condo in Midtown Atlanta. They also spend the winters at Vie Tranquille, which is now Katie’s as part of her inheritance when both parents were killed in a freak scuba accident in Haiti. An interesting side note…Miz Jasmine’s family are from Haiti and own the scuba company that the d’Ibervilles hired. There was an investigation…however, no evidence, except bits of the d’Ibervilles’ hair and cotton fabric, was found and no charges were ever filed.


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