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2009 Debutantes

Jennifer Michaels (Michael Gaitan)

While the road to Atlanta may consist of some rather twisted tales, these tales do give insight into the LADY Jennifer Michaels truly is. From Texas to New York and finally to her seventeenth floor midtown Atlanta condo, Jennifer knew she was home when she stood in her balcony overlooking the Fox Theater and heard cries of EVITA.

Jennifer is the daughter of the late Manuel Velazquez Gaitan and Diamantina De La Garza of Seqiun, Texas and Aquascalientes, Mexico.  It was thought that one day Jennifer would inherit the family trucking company and ranch. But alas, that was not to happen as Jennifer heard the call of the big city and the promise of her knight in shining armor.  Thus, the princess-to-be left her small hometown for San Antonio.

New Year's Eve, 1984 found our princess on the dance floor of the local dance club. While holding court, she was approached by “Mister Wonderful” whose opening line was "You're the best dancer on the floor."  He was 6' 1" geek, with a size 13 shoe…her favorite kind of guy.  She found it even hotter that he was a WASP! Little did he know that Jennifer would soon dub him “Marmaduke”. They were dancing the night away when he swept her off her feet and whisked her away to his place where he had his way with her. After that wild evening, Jennifer discovered that he was a geneticist with a PHD in Psychiatry and about to do his residency at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.  So the little princess decided to forgo her senior year at UTSA and join the work force to support the two of them.

The happy couple moved to NYC where the princess wound up soiling her delicate hands by selling goods in a gourmet shop.  As luck would have it, a German woman, Anki von Prague, came into the shop one day looking for someone to cater one of her elegant candle-light suppers.  Our princess stepped forward, threw some weinerschnitzel on a cracker, and so delighted the German matron that she never returned to the gourmet shop!  She actually became the German matron’s social secretary for the next seven years!  Jennifer served the lady well and was exposed to such luminaries as the German, British, and French Consulates, as well as many dignitaries from the United Nations.  In fact, much of her training was provided by the infamous Letitia Baldridge, the social secretary to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

All the while, Jennifer and Marmaduke lived and laughed together in NYC. But, alas, marital bliss was not permanent!  At the beginning of the social Fire Island season, Jennifer arrived early at their Fire Island beach house where she found her white knight in the shower with a rather youthful Latin lovely.  Vowing that she was “over it - once a cheater, always a cheater!”, the little princess turned on her heel and flew out the front door right into the arms of Patches, her next new beau!

Patches turned out to be good for Jennifer! He took her under his wing and taught her the ropes of being a showgirl and a supermodel.  Not only did he book shows for her, he soon had the little princess performing nightly at a restaurant called LIPS. These nights usually extended into the wee hours of the morning, with many appearances at a speakeasy that introduced Jennifer to many celebrities.

While enjoying this high life of glamour, Jennifer met Cracker from Nitro, West Virginia What a character! Poor Jennifer couldn't keep him off of her. But there was a “catch” in this relationship! Cracker had a Cracker Jr!  During their first meeting, the young, innocent boy exclaimed, "You sound like a girl!" Jennifer was devastated because all this time she was thinking, "I'm a LADY!"

Fast forwarding to November, 2001, Jennifer joined the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11.  Living in NYC, she felt the pain she imagined Scarlet felt suffering the loss of Tara. However, one thing led to another and the princess was offered a position with the FBI to do undercover work overseas.  However, when she found out that undercover work was not the same as work “under the covers”, Jennifer decided to pursue a career in the friendly skies keeping them safe and secure.  While flying, Jennifer developed a secret weapon which may be seen when she performs.

Now, on her days off, Jennifer is a part-time au pair for a gay couple, taking care of their fifteen year old son, Louie.  She also loves running six miles through Piedmont Park, wearing her briefest running shorts while men ogle her. Another a part of her fabulous life is her love of movies and her heavy use of Netflix.  Finally, being a true princess, Jennifer loves nothing more than holding court and entertaining all sorts of "queens."

As Jennifer looks back on her road to Atlanta, she realizes that it is high time for the princess to become a true QUEEN.  It's time to see if it will all pay off, because as Jennifer was told, "IT AIN'T ABOUT THE DRESS!"


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