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Events at AID Atlanta are as numerous and diverse as the creativity of the volunteers and professional staff that guide them.  From prevention education programs to workshops and seminars for newly diagnosed clients, and AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run AID Atlanta is everywhere in ways that make a possible sense for the desired outcome.

Each year AID Atlanta produces or benefits from any number of fundraising events to augment any unmet need from the government funding sources.  Fundraising events are vital in our efforts to save and transform lives by providing unrestricted funds, helping to build community, and creating a positive experience for all involved.

In addition to fundraising events produced by AID Atlanta, there are also generous community activists who, with approval and involvement of the agency, produce fundraising events that have proceeds benefitting the agency.  Some of these include:

If you are interested in producing an event with proceeds to benefit AID Atlanta, please click here to download the policy and procedures you will need to follow.  Once complete, please contact Jon Santos, Development Director at 404-870-7763 to present your proposal and begin the review process.


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