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There can be many reasons for people to avoid getting an HIV test, but here are the top 3 reasons we hear most often:

1. “I’d rather not know.” Getting an HIV test can cause heightened feelings of anxiety and an HIV diagnosis can feel devastating, but choosing to avoid getting an HIV test puts you and others at risk. More importantly, people are more likely to respond well to treatment and live a long, healthy life when diagnosis occurs early. Don’t let fear keep you from protecting yourself and others.

2. “It’s not as important as other routine screenings.” Getting an annual physical, regular eye exam, and going to the dentist for your 6-month teeth cleaning are all important for maintaining your health and wellness. However, if you are sexually active or having unprotected sex, getting an HIV test should be something you include in your regular health routine. Make it a priority because it’s a critical part of your health.

3. “I’m in a committed relationship, so there’s no need.” Unfortunately, there may be some instances where you don’t know what your partner is up to when you’re not around. Even if there are no concerns about faithfulness or loyalty, going together to get your HIV test can be a great way to bond and show that you care about each other’s health. If your spouse or partner doesn’t want to get the test, that could potentially be a red flag that there’s a problem. Don’t let their refusal prevent you from getting your own test. Take charge of your health and get your HIV test today! #AIDAtlanta offers #free HIV & STI testing every Monday-Friday, no appointment needed.

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