Update on COVID 19 - March 18,2020

Updated Statement from our Executive Director Nicole Roebuck

Greetings to our patients, members, friends and community.

In an abundance of caution during this COVID19 pandemic, AID Atlanta is reducing person to person contact significantly as we practice social distancing as recommended by the Centers Disease for Control. This applies to all onsite services including the healthcare center, behavioral health, case management, benefits counseling and ADAP/HICP, HIV/STI screening and pharmacy services. Most of our services will be provided using telehealth methods.

We are asking that you limit coming physically into the building and call ahead of time to find out about what services are available person to person.

If you are a patient of the healthcare center and you have flu-like symptoms such as fever, new cough, or shortness of breath please dial 1-888-993-2880 to be connected to the nurse advice line. It is important to speak to a nurse before arriving for an existing appointment or making a new appointment.

If you receive your medical care at another facility please make sure to contact them about your medical needs, medication prescriptions, medications, etc. and to let them know about any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Our Wellness Center (HIV&STI testing and STI Treatment)services are limited to only allow prescreened individuals who need STI treatment or have STI symptoms. Routine testing will not be offered at this time.

Individuals who need their PrEP medication refilled will be allowed to get their medicine.

If you receive your medications at the AHF Pharmacy, please call 404-879-3990 ahead of time to get more information about how to access your medications.

Please also note that AID Atlanta will be administering a COVID19 screening (questionnaire and temperature) to every person entering the building to assess for symptoms, so we ask that you please be patient, and we appreciate your cooperation during these times.

For more information about how AID Atlanta is responding to this crisis please call 404-870-7700.

Additional resources:

CDC – Info on COVID-19
WHO – advice for the public: Myth busters
The Body - What You Need to Know About the coronavirus and HIV

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Georgia Moves Closer to Major Overhaul of HIV Criminal Law
(US News & World Report - Associated Press)

Georgia lawmakers advanced legislation Thursday, March 12, that would dramatically overhaul a state law that makes it a crime for people who know they have HIV to have sex without first disclosing the infection.

Advocates say the measure would be a milestone in the South, where the bulk of new HIV diagnoses occur and stigma around the disease remains high.


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The Georgia AIDS and STI Information Line

The Georgia AIDS and STI Information Line
is a free service, providing confidential and anonymous answers
and referrals to questions concerning testing, treatment, PrEP,
risk assessment, safer sex practices, case management, social services,
emotional wellness counseling, and medication assistance for persons
infected or affected by HIV and STIs.

Para cualquier preguntas en Español, tenemos el personal de Lunes a Viernes de 9:00am-1:00pm.

1-800-551-2728 or 404-876-9944
Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9am-9pm,
Friday 9am–7pm.


Congress Allocates $410 Million for HOPWA

The Senate has passed the FY20 Appropriations Bill after the House passed it earlier this month. The President is expected to sign this funding bill which provides $410 million for the HOPWA program, which is a $17M increase over FY19. This was the number that the National AIDS Housing Coalition and our partners advocated for. This allocation of $410 million should provide additional housing for an estimated 1,700 households.  Click the link to see the FY 2020 Appropriations for Federal HIV/AIDS Programs. Click here

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