From Executive Director Nicole Roebuck:

As an African Caribbean American woman and Executive Director of AID Atlanta, I want to share my thoughts about the recent (and not so recent) events and images that continue to stain our hearts and our minds with the ugly reminders of the continued existence of oppression, pain, hate and injustice inflicted on so many who look like me.

My heart is so heavy because I know that as a human collective we are destined for so much greater than this, but we are clearly not there yet. We as a community cannot continue to let these incidents go unchallenged. We must make our collective voices heard and speak up and act up against systems, powers of darkness, and principalities that thrive on hate as their platform. We must exercise our right to vote, to challenge the status quo and demand accountability, reform and immediate change.

On behalf of AID Atlanta, I want to assure everyone that we serve (whether Black, White, Hispanic, Gay, Transgendered and others), that we stand in solidarity with all of those who have been victims of violence, hate, injustice, homophobia, and racism. We stand ready to be a support and a healing force for those who are suffering mentally and physically during these heartbreaking times. We stand with the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the many many many others unheard of and forgotten by most.

We must keep moving, we must keep pushing, we must keep loving, but we won’t forget.



To encourage charitable giving in 2020, the CARES Act includes U.S. tax provisions that reward people who donate to charity. You may qualify for tax credits, check with your financial advisor to learn more about how the CARES Act may make it easier to support AID Atlanta this year.

As the economic impact of COVID fully develops, we realize that additional assistance may be needed by patients in our clinic and pharmacy, case managed participants, and behavioral health program clients more than ever before.

We continue to serve our clients and patients via telehealth appointments, pharmacy deliveries, with medical screenings and social distancing for in-person medical appointments. Case managers are working with clients by phone and email where possible.

AID Atlanta has set up four client-centered funds we will use to help our clients with additional assistance during this health crisis.

Critical areas of need:

● Rent and Utility Assistance
● Food vouchers
● Public transportation and Uber Health service
● Health insurance premiums and co-pay assistance

Update on COVID-19 - April 30,2020

Updated Statement from our Executive Director Nicole Roebuck

AID Atlanta cares deeply about the health and well-being of our clients, patients, members, volunteers, and staff. AID Atlanta has adopted physical distancing practices with specific attention to our mission-based programs. Limited contact with members/patients is being enforced for their safety. Any patient/member/vendor allowed entry to the building will first be screened for COVID symptoms. Staffing onsite has been reduced significantly to continue to promote safe distancing. The majority of our non-essential staff are still conducting business and services remotely, via telephonic and electronic modes of communication. Additional cleaning and sanitizing is also occurring daily in both locations.

Wellness Center: HIV Testing, STI Screening, PrEP Education and Therapeutic Treatment

  • HIV Testing (onsite and outreach), STI Screening and PrEP Education and Counseling have been suspended until further notice since social distancing cannot be achieved during the provision of these services.
  • If an individual has already been screened for an STI and have positive results or are presenting visible symptoms, and need treatment for STIs, or they have a need to refill PrEP medications, they should call the Wellness Services Center (404-870-7741) to discuss treatment options.
Health Care Center (HCC) and Pharmacy

  • HIV Health care services are being provided via telephonic consultations. For our Midtown location, patients should please contact the HCC regarding their upcoming appointment at 404-870-7754. For the Newnan location contact 770-252-5418. If the provider deems it medically necessary for them to come in and be seen for treatment or lab work, they will make the necessary arrangements for them to come in. Also, if they are a patient of the HCCs, AND are experiencing fever, flu-like symptoms, coughing, shortness of breath, etc., please call the Nurse Advice line at 888-993-2880 to discuss treatment options.
  • Pharmacy hours are 9am-6pm however the pharmacy is providing pharmacy services primarily through delivery and mail order. If they have a question about their medications, call first at 404-879-3990. We are asking that patients/members not to come to the building site without clearance from their provider or pharmacist.
Client Services: Case Management, Housing Assistance, AIDS Drug Assistance (ADAP), Health Insurance Continuation Program (HICP), Behavioral Health

  • All client services are being provided via telephone consultations or email. Existing clients/members of any of the programs listed above, should speak with their social service provider about their current needs. Contact the Information Hotline at 800-551-2728 if they need the number to their case manager, patient benefits specialist, or behavioral health specialist. Currently AID Atlanta is no longer accepting new applications for housing financial assistance due to lack of funding. Members seeking housing assistance should contact the Central Intake line at HOPE Atlanta for more information about housing assistance at 404-574-1693.

For more additional information about AID Atlanta services, or other HIV/STI services across the State, please contact the Georgia Information/Hotline which is operated by AID Atlanta at 800-551-2728.
Please note that due to the reduced number of staff onsite, callers may have to leave a message to reach their respective provider, case manager, etc. which will be checked throughout the day by the respective staff persons. Your patience during this crisis is much appreciated.


Additional resources:

CDC – Info on COVID-19
WHO – advice for the public: Myth busters
The Body - What You Need to Know About the coronavirus and HIV


Current Happenings

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AIDS Walk 2019

Current Happenings

Georgia Moves Closer to Major Overhaul of HIV Criminal Law
(US News & World Report - Associated Press)

Georgia lawmakers advanced legislation Thursday, March 12, that would dramatically overhaul a state law that makes it a crime for people who know they have HIV to have sex without first disclosing the infection.

Advocates say the measure would be a milestone in the South, where the bulk of new HIV diagnoses occur and stigma around the disease remains high.


Read the Story



The Georgia AIDS and STI Information Line

The Georgia AIDS and STI Information Line
is a free service, providing confidential and anonymous answers
and referrals to questions concerning testing, treatment, PrEP,
risk assessment, safer sex practices, case management, social services,
emotional wellness counseling, and medication assistance for persons
infected or affected by HIV and STIs.

Para cualquier preguntas en Español, tenemos el personal de Lunes a Viernes de 9:00am-1:00pm.

1-800-551-2728 or 404-876-9944
Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9am-9pm,
Friday 9am–7pm.

Congress Allocates $410 Million for HOPWA

The Senate has passed the FY20 Appropriations Bill after the House passed it earlier this month. The President is expected to sign this funding bill which provides $410 million for the HOPWA program, which is a $17M increase over FY19. This was the number that the National AIDS Housing Coalition and our partners advocated for. This allocation of $410 million should provide additional housing for an estimated 1,700 households.  Click the link to see the FY 2020 Appropriations for Federal HIV/AIDS Programs. Click here

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