Give 8/28

I Support 8 28

Last year as the global COVID-19 pandemic brought the United States and the world
to a screeching halt, the stark health, socio-economic and job disparities in Black communities were made dramatically apparent. During 2020 we continued to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic while navigating COVID-19.

Give8/28 which takes place during Black Philanthropy Month is a Black-led social change movement to focus support on organizations with predominantly Black Leadership and team members that serve clients/patients. Every day that we open our doors, AID Atlanta works to address structural inequities that provide barriers to clients/patients getting in, and staying in, care. – and the end of HIV/AIDS. In 2018 73.4% of new diagnoses and of 36,000 people living with HIV 70.2% were black right here in the Atlanta community. The rate of Black males living with an HIV diagnosis is 5.4 times that of White males and Black females are 15.4 times greater than White females.

We are still in a precarious time. In addition to fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we are still burdened by COVID19 in our community and state. Our clients dealing with their health issues, limited resources, and behavioral health concerns also face other challenges navigating two pandemics. The one thing that they do have is Us, as we exist to serve them.