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2022 marks the fifth year the Young, Black & Giving Back Institute (YBGB) will promote financial giving for Black-led and Black-benefiting nonprofits from August 28 to August 31 and AID Atlanta is participating!


The CDC reports that, in 2019, 73.4% of newly diagnosed and 70.2% of people living with HIV in Greater Atlanta were Black. The rate of Black males living with an HIV diagnosis is 5.4 times that of White males and Black females are 15.4 times greater than White females.

In 2018, AID Atlanta relaunched the M.E.N. (Men’s Engagement Network) program geared toward the holistic health of Gay Black men. The purpose of the program is to provide essential support for same-gender loving men who seek a positive network to commune and fellowship with like-minded individuals. The M.E.N. program strives to offer an affirming space to have open discussions about life, love, and concerns that impact members’ lives, and to provide brotherhood, mentorship, unity, and life skills enhancement support. The program is open to HIV+ individuals as well as individuals at high risk for acquiring HIV.

The Sisters With A Voice (SWAV) women’s program of AID Atlanta was created to provide supportive resources and services to women and families that have been impacted by HIV and women in the community who are at risk for HIV. SWAV goes beyond improving health and quality of life by promoting retention to care, viral load suppression, risk reduction, safe sex practices, as well as empowerment, mental and physical wellness, and personal development. SWAV also offers feminine hygiene products, safe sex kits, and referrals to other programs in the community.

Both programs offer linkage to our PrEP prevention program and linkage to medical care, if needed. We know that preventing HIV infection and encouraging retention in care to maintain a suppressed viral load will stop the spread of HIV in our community. The recent challenges with COVID-19 and people with or at risk of HIV has interfered with HIV treatment and prevention services, which have put the individual health of those affected by HIV/AIDS at risk.

Throughout 2022, we continue to be dedicated to ‘Building Community’ while remaining focused on our core mission of serving those living with HIV and working closely with those at risk of contracting the disease.

As we serve our diverse Greater Atlanta Community, AID Atlanta remains steadfast in achieving our mission to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life for our members and community by breaking barriers and building community through our core values of compassion, respect, service excellence, and integrity. 

AID Atlanta has been here for 40 years – since the beginning of the HIV epidemic – offering education, awareness, care, support, and advocacy to the community, and continues that vital work today to end HIV as we know it in our community.

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