During this unprecedented health emergency, our clients and patients are facing unemployment, lack of healthcare insurance, housing crises, and food insecurities. In response to assisting them with these needs we established a special COVID crisis fund to assist with rent/utilities, health insurance and copays, transportation and food insecurities. Your continued assistance with our efforts to serve this sensitive community is greatly appreciated.

74% of our clients are Black and under-resourced for housing, healthcare medication and case management. We continue to make strides in providing services regardless of ability to pay. This results in a healthier community.

Throughout the course of this pandemic the exceptional professionals at AID Atlanta designed new ways to serve our clients/patients. Our doors are open, every service functioning HIV/STI testing is limited due to spacing, but AID Atlanta is providing health and hope regardless of ability to pay. Our members/patients health continues to be our priority through this health crisis. Right now, Hope could use some help. Now, more than ever, hope needs help.

AID Atlanta has set up four client-centered funds we will use to help our clients with additional assistance during this health crisis.

Critical areas of need:

● Rent and Utility Assistance
● Food vouchers
● Public transportation and Uber Health service
● Health insurance premiums and co-pay assistance

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