Education Programs

Men's Engagment Network (MEN)


Mission State ment:

“To build a new culture bridging same gender loving black men to better lives by creating unique spaces that evoke community, refer them to resources, and offer direct access to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment.”

M.E.N. (Men’s Engagement Network) Is a new program offered at AID Atlanta geared towards the wholistic health of Gay Black men. The purpose of the program is to provide essential support for same gender loving men who seek a positive network to commune and fellowship with like minded individuals who desire an affirming place to have open discussions about life, love, and concerns that impact their lives, and who seek brotherhood, mentorship, unity, and life skills enhancement support.

This new program promises to promote self awareness and self reflection as it provides the necessary tools to help each member discover or strengthen his goals for leading a healthy existence. Guided by positive role models, this network of brotherhood offers support for making the necessary changes needed to lead a high-quality life by encouraging active engagement and participation in workshops and peer led group discussions of varying topics and connecting members to needed resources. Engagement topics include, but are not limited to:

Mentorship Engagement
Brotherhood Engagement
Career Development Engagement
Self-discovery/ Awareness Engagement
Emotional Engagement support
Economic Engagement support
Overall Health Engagement including HIV/STI education
Mental Health Engagement
Continued Education Engagement
How to begin again- a fresh start! Engagement

Dedicated AID Atlanta staff includes a program coordinator, a testing specialist, and a linkage support navigator as well as a network of Professional community resources who are waiting to help you take the next step towards a life well lived!! For more information or to Join M.E.N. contact the Program staff at Welcome to the network!!

Sisters With A Voice (SWAV)



"To improve the health and quality of life of women."

SWAV is a program of AID Atlanta and local women leaders for women regardless of health status. The mission of SWAV is to improve the health and quality of life of women in our community. Services and activities include wellness workshops, empowerment activities and conferences, family programs including back to school supplies and backpacks and holiday gift giveaways, feminine hygiene assistance, linkage to free HIV and STI testing and treatment, as well as PrEP services.

For more information contact:

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

AID Atlanta’s CAB is an advisory committee of clients, patients, and community members whose role is to share individual and committee points of view of the customer experience.   The advisory board meets (virtually) monthly for a consistent feedback-loop to and from agency management.  CAB members review services, give recommendations, bring new issues to the attention of the agency, and address other tasks as necessary.  The CAB may also help with agency improvements by participating in specific projects.   The committee meets a minimum of 4 times per year, but monthly is the goal.  CAB members make recommendations for improving the quality of services as they relate to any aspect of care and services.

AID Atlanta wants to hear from the community and those who are accessing services.  We hope to engage our members as active participants of our quality improvement efforts.


Monthly – 3rd Thursday of each month
Times rotate from 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Jerome Hughes at

AIDS 101 Due to COVID19 the AIDS 101 program has been paused.

The AIDS 101 Awareness and Action Seminar is presented seven times a year throughout the community and addresses a wide range of subjects and concerns related to HIV/AIDS. Presentations at each program may vary, but each seminar offers broad-based insight on the HIV crisis. The program format consists of lectures, special interest sessions, and panel discussions. More info HERE