AID Atlanta accepts the following insurances:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (Advantage Plans Included)
  • Humana  (Advantage Plans Included)
  • Cigna
  • PHCS
  • United Healthcare
  • Multiplan
  • BeechStreet
  • Wellcare of Georgia
  • Oxford

Sliding Fee Scale

AID Atlanta offers discounted medical care, psychiatry, and mental health counseling to patients who are uninsured and have low income. We also provide discounted mental health counseling for patients with low income who have medical insurance that does not cover mental health counseling. The amount a patient pays is based on the federal income levels. Each year the federal government sets a Federal Poverty Line (FPL) and new income levels that qualify patients for discounted care. The income levels are based on a patient’s gross income (how much money you make each year before taxes are taken out).

Special Charges for Patients with HIV/AIDS

The Ryan White Program is a federal grant that helps AID Atlanta cover health care costs for patients with HIV/AIDS. Patients living with HIV/AIDS are eligible for the Ryan White Sliding Fee Scale based on their annual gross income.  The Ryan White grant is the "payer of last resort." This means that, if a patient with HIV/AIDS has insurance, AID Atlanta must use it. In addition, this also means that patients with HIV/AIDS cannot be on the Ryan White Sliding Fee Scale if they are eligible for another benefit that would pay for their healthcare (like Medicaid). Patients must have proof of their HIV/AIDS diagnosis on file to qualify for the Ryan White Sliding Fee Scale.

Charge Limits for Patients with HIV/AIDS

The federal Ryan White grant does not want people with HIV/AIDS to be overwhelmed by health care costs. To manage the sometimes high cost of healthcare, the federal government sets a limit on what someone with HIV/AIDS can spend on their health care at agencies that accept Ryan White grant funding. Based on a patient’s annual gross income.

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the AID Atlanta Sliding Fee Scale, Ryan White Sliding Fee Scale or Ryan White maximum charges, you must bring proof of your "household" gross annual income. A "household" includes legal children, a civil union partner, or married spouse, and legal dependents. Annual gross income includes salary, unemployment benefits, disability or social security benefits, investment income or other sources of income that support the household. You should bring proof of all of the household income for yourself and everyone in your household. The following documents can be used for proof of income:

• Most recent tax return
• 2-3 most recent pay stubs from employer, no older than three months
• Most recent W-2 or 1099
• Letter from employer stating cash earnings that is signed by your employer or supervisor
• Letter from the Social Security Administration documenting your SSI or SSDI benefits
• Letter from the Social Security Administration documenting that you are ineligible for government benefits
• Letter detailing unemployment benefits from your state unemployment office
• Military Leave and earnings statement
• Notarized letter stating you have no source of income signed by you





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