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World AIDS Day, December 1
(Georgia Voice by Katie Burkholder)

On Dec. 1, we remember the almost 39 million people we have lost to AIDS and turn our thoughts onto those still living with HIV – an estimated 37,000 in Atlanta alone. This year’s 31st annual World AIDS Day provides us with the opportunity to bring our attention to ending this epidemic, community by community, by creating awareness, cultivating education, and bringing people together.

World AIDS Day is really an opportunity to create education and awareness. Because of the tremendous advances in medicine, we now know that people are living fruitful, longer lives with HIV. 


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The Georgia AIDS and STI Information Line

The Georgia AIDS and STI Information Line
is a free service, providing confidential and anonymous answers
and referrals to questions concerning testing, treatment, PrEP,
risk assessment, safer sex practices, case management, social services,
emotional wellness counseling, and medication assistance for persons
infected or affected by HIV and STIs.

Para cualquier preguntas en Español, tenemos el personal de Lunes a Viernes de 9:00am-1:00pm.

1-800-551-2728 or 404-876-9944
Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9am-9pm,
Friday 9am–7pm.

Action Alert: Contact Your Senators!

The Senate Appropriations Committee proposed to cut current funding for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program by $63 Million in FY2020 to $330 Million. This is $80 Million less than the House's proposal of $410 Million. This loss of valuable resources would be detrimental, especially with a 63% HOPWA reduction already looming due to modernization.

Stable housing is a critical component of health care, especially for people living with HIV. Since its start, HOPWA has been an essential resource that helps people living with HIV better adhere to treatment, stay connected to care, and live healthy lives with HIV. Through our friends at Georgia Equality, send an email to Senators Isakson and Purdue HERE

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