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Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the links below to view the available support services at AID Atlanta:


Care and Companionship Network (CCN) Currently no positions available
The Care and Companionship Network is a buddy program where volunteers offer emotional, social, and/or physical support to a person living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers set their own schedules with their buddies and make a minimum of four phone calls and two visits a month. Volunteers must complete a personal interview and 16 hours of training; attend monthly team meetings, and report hours monthly.

Tax Assistance (Seasonal)
Volunteers assist individuals who are HIV positive with tax preparation. Volunteers who wish to help in this capacity must be certified to assist with tax preparation. The duration of this program is from February until April 1st.

AIDS 101 Committee/Facilitator
Volunteers organize the AIDS 101 Education and Awareness Seminars and participate in the production of each seminar. AIDS 101 volunteers can get involved by helping to prepare for the event, speaking at the seminar, or working as day-of-event volunteers. AIDS 101 Seminars are held on a Saturday five times a year.

African American Women’s Outreach  Currently no postions available
Volunteers provide HIV/AIDS education and risk reduction/prevention information to the African American community. Volunteers are needed to facilitate safer sex parties, staff tables at community events, conduct workshops at schools, universities, and civic groups, provide testing and counseling in the community, and distribute condoms at special events.

African American Gay Outreach
Volunteers assist with education and support to African American gay and bisexual men around the issues of HIV/AIDS through culturally sensitive programs. Volunteers are needed to facilitate Deeper Love workshops, perform club outreach and deliver safer sex materials, recruit and facilitate Get Your Life Parties, perform testing and counseling within the community, and assist at special events like health fairs and Black Gay Pride. Club outreach hours are from 9pm-closing Monday-Saturday.

Gay and Bisexual Outreach
Volunteers provide education and support to gay and bisexual men related to increasing knowledge about HIV/AIDS, personal risk assessment, adopting and maintaining safer sexual practices. Opportunities for involvement include special events staff, bar/club outreach, delivering safer sex materials to the community, assisting with and facilitating One Night Stand discussion groups, and providing testing and counseling in the community (with required credentials). Trained volunteers may also perform Hepatitis vaccination outreach and assist in the clinic with client intakes on vaccination days.

Community Outreach/Health Fairs
Volunteers assist in performing a variety of tasks: working at the desk, specimen collection for  off-site testing events, administrative duties, and post testing counseling. Community outreach opportunities involvement include: club outreach, delivering safer sex materials to the community, staffing tables at community events, assisting staff with testing and counseling at  off-site  testing events, etc. Skilled and unskilled volunteer opportunities are available.  Health Fair Volunteers are needed occasionally during the week and especially on weekends to staff our table and distribute information about HIV/STDs, AID Atlanta programs, Testing and Counseling,  and  the AIDS 101 Action Seminars need volunteers primarily on Saturday,  8am-5pm.  Some AIDS 101 volunteer positions require a 7 am start time.

Hispanic Outreach Currently no postions available
Volunteers provide HIV/AIDS education and risk reduction/prevention information to the Hispanic community. Volunteers are needed to staff tables at community events, perform testing and counseling, assist with the GA HIV/STI Infoline, and to distribute condoms and information at special events. Volunteers need to be bilingual in Spanish and English to conduct outreach, but may assist with this program in the office if they are not.

Youth Outreach  Currently no positions available
Also known as A.S.K. U.S., teen volunteers (12-18 years old) provide HIV/AIDS education to their peers and valuable insights to parents regarding effective tools for communicating with teens. Opportunities for doing website outreach are also available through the teen coordinated website Teen volunteers must complete training and attend monthly meetings. The goal is to prevent high-risk behavior and reach out to youth. There are also opportunities for adults to volunteer with our youth projects as well.

GA AIDS & STD Infoline
Volunteers are trained to answer general questions about HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections, and assist with referrals. When not taking calls, volunteers assist with data entry to track the calls to the Infoline. Daytime and evening opportunities are available.

Testing and Counseling Temporarily filled
Volunteers assist CTRS staff with the daily operation of the testing clinic, including performing administrative duties, administering the Rapid HIV Antibody Test and providing preventative counseling. Volunteers must complete an intensive training and shadowing program to prepare them for working with clients. Volunteers are trained on all positions, and if feasible, are utilized in the roles that are most align with their particular skill set. Opportunities to put your skills to work are offered at the agency and at outreach events. Volunteers must attend the “AIDS 101”seminar and the full Counseling & Testing training at AID Atlanta. The Counseling & Testing training is a 3-day class and is typically offered Monday -Thursday between 9-5.  Volunteers MUST BE APPROVED by both the CTRS staff and the volunteer manager in order to attend this training on behalf of AID Atlanta.

Speakers Bureau
Volunteers are trained to prepare and present talks on a variety of topics from personal experience to advanced medical overview. Requests for speakers come from businesses, churches, schools, and social groups.

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On-Site Support

Office Support/Receptionist
Volunteers assist with office work, data entry, greeting visitors and clients, making phone calls, answering multi line phone, paging staff members and a variety of other important projects in our offices. Opportunities to learn various computer programs are available. Must satisfactorily complete a background check, be able to maintain a professional and calm demeanor, and be capable of learning a multi-line phone system. Prior receptionist experience preferred, but we will train. Hours are 9 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday..

Clinic Support (Wellness Center)
Volunteers can assist in the AID Atlanta clinic performing a variety of tasks from working the desk and completing client intakes. Skilled and unskilled volunteer opportunities are available as well as student externships.

Volunteer Receptionist  Currently no postions available
Volunteers assist the agency by answering multi-line phone, greeting clients and visitors, and paging staff. Hours are 9 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. This is a great way to get back into the work force and/or learn some new skills! Must satisfactorily complete a background check, be able to maintain a professional and calm demeanor, and be capable of learning a multi-line phone system. Prior receptionist experience preferred, but we will train.

Internships  Limited
Students intern with staff to gain valuable work and life experience in social services, fundraising, volunteer administration, education and client services. Graduate and undergraduate positions are available for class credit or requirement for graduation. Interns must commit to a minimum of 200 hours and  20 hours per week for the full semester. Prior to the beginning of the internship a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be established with the college/university and Aid Atlanta.  Please include your academic degree and the semester needed for the internship. Please contact Loreen Krug directly at  No phone calls please.

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